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This quick meal in a bowl of shrimp seasoned in sesame flavors is stir fried with rainbow swiss chard, spinach, edamame, green onions to top brown rice.

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Is congee a rice dish or a soup dish? A visitor wrote about a thick soup made from rice and minced pork. I was quite puzzled at first.

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In Chinese homes, rice is almost always eaten in its steamed form. Shoveled from bowl to mouth, fluffy white rice is a staple food for billions – a fragrant

The “Asian Paradox”: How Can Asians Eat So Much Rice and Not Gain Weight?

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Chunks of boneless chicken breast simmer with an Asian-inspired sweet, tangy orange sauce, and are served over hot cooked rice with a sprinkling of green onions.

“Raising the Standard of Chinese Food in Copenhagen ” Diamond Rice is setting new standards for Chinese food in Copenhagen. Excellent service, good food

Asian beef rice bowl. At last I get to be in the kitchen without having to worry about exams and such. The kitchen is my peaceful place and cooking and baking are my

This homepage is dedicated to exposing the ridiculousness of the Rice-man “subculture”. What started out as a Southern California Asian subculture has grown into a

Slightly spicy rice noodles with Asian flavored meatballs. Great quick weeknight meal.

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