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I just arrived home this morning from a week of business travel. It never dawned on me until this afternoon, that we would be on our own this evening.

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Find hosiery, plus-size tights & pantyhose by style, color, size, or brand, including Hanes, Spanx, & more. Thigh high and knee high hosiery.

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So there you are all dolled up in that skimpy dress, favorite pantyhose and super tall heels and you can’t resist what is looking back at you in the mirror. It

According to the submission letter that accompanied this video, this couple broke up because of a long distance relationship that was too hard to maintain.

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The Lowdown on Mens Legwear, Mantyhose, Pantyhose and Tights

When do you need to wear pantyhose to work? When should you wear tights instead? When can you wear bare legs? We answer all in our Guide to Pantyhose.

Spilling my intimate stories as a crossdresser with a longtime fetish for slipping on tights, pantyhose and lingerie especially my favorite Wolford Neon.

Pantyhose, called sheer tights in the United Kingdom and a few other countries, are close-fitting legwear covering the wearer’s body from the waist to the toes.

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