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How to Make an Ornament Wreath with Video Tutorial, Christmas Ornament Wreath, Step-by-Step Ornament Wreath Tutorial, DIY Ornament Wreath

Today, collectors of antique and vintage Christmas tree ornaments tend to focus on themes, periods, materials, or even shapes. For collectors of Shiny Brite in

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Vintage camping trailer ornament, cute display with your S’mores ornaments. 4” L. x 2” W. x 2 3/4”. Item orn136993. Made by Midwest CBK Seasons of Cannon Falls.

Click on images to enlargeToday I’m offering two pretty antique floral wreaths! The one at the top is the original, and the second one I recolored a bit, just for fun.

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I know that ornament wreaths are nothing new. I remember when i first saw one about 3 years ago (i cant remember the 1st one i saw) – i knew that i had to

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Hannah Milman combines her love of wreaths and her passion for vintage Christmas ornaments in one simple, stunning holiday project.

Quick DIY Christmas ornament made with natural gvine wreaths and letter game tiles that allow you to easily personalize them.

Have you heard of the incredibly talented Eddie Ross? A couple of years ago, he posted about making an ornament wreath using only ornaments and a wire hanger . . . I

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If you don’t have enough loose buttons, or the right colors, don’t worry — stores sell them by the bagful. s will enjoy this project because each wreath they make

Dec 11, 2010 · UPDATE: Read our expanded tutorial how to make vintage ornament wreaths here. Last year I proclaimed my love and admiration for Georgia Peachez’ crafty

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