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Carefully place the needle & seat back into the float bowl taking care not to damage the o-ring as it slides in. Push it down just until the threads are ready to meet.

intage Vehicle Services : G.M. of Canada through their Vintage Vehicle Services department are able to provide vehicle build info such as rpo’s, original engine id

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Picture gallery higlighting some of our restored Holley crbureters. This page includes finished examples of the Holley 4557 1970 L78 Camaro, 1970 LS6, 1970 Chevelle

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Team Camaro Tech Forum for the Chevrolet Camaro

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COPO Camaro and Yenko Camaro site containing info on all COPO,ZL1,Yenko,and L72 Camaros,Chevelles,and Novas.

CRG publishes these summary research reports to provide the first-generation Camaro hobbiest with the latest in what we know (and don’t know) about various topics

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Q: What models were available? A: First-generation Camaros came in two basic models, hardtop and convertible. All cars had two doors with 2+2 style seating.

Camaro Restoration For many years Camaro Specialties has been restoring the nicest Camaros, Chevelles, and Firebirds ourselves and parting out others that were too

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Provides online technical help, interactive chat, paint codes, stolen car database, “Team Camaro Racing” updates, restoration information, ads, and links.

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Our line of classic alloy wheels are engineered and designed with yesteryear’s performance car in mind. All of our wheels are cast in high grade aerospace aluminum

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