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first type viewer clam-shell opening. Buff reel – 3rd generation reel. First Tru-Vue viewer. An early 3 reel packet circa 1953. A third generation 3 reel packet circa

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E-Mail questions & comments. We value your input. Page created by Mary Ann & Wolfgang Sell. 05/08. View-Master is a registered trademark of Fisher-Price, Inc.

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The first View-Master in the late 1930s wasn’t meant to be ren’s toy. A Portland, Oregon, organ-maker and photographer named Willia

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A Brief History of View-Master. Though it is now known primarily as a ’s toy, View-Master was launched at the 1939 New York World’s Fair as a way to see the

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When Harold Graves, president of Sawyer’s Photographic Services, went to the Oregon Caves National Monument in 1938, he saw fellow camera buff William Gruber using

Manufacturer of aerosol paints, stains, fragrances, adhesives, dyes, and post-harvest care products. Includes information on color theory, how-to projects, and MSDS data.

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Specifications, owner’s manual, and techniques for the 1950s-era stereoscopic camera used to produce View-Master reels.

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