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A wave of the future? Or simply back to nature? You can officially quit buying all those expensive Lululemon yoga pants, because your favorite spiritual sport’s

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Big Yogurt has been targeting women for decades; as it’s traditionally marketed as a dessert, it’s an indulgence, sinful and decadent and For Women Only.

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It’s bad enough that Hollywood gives non-celebrities a beauty complex, but even these leading ladies were told they weren’t attractive enough for Tinsel Town.

Relationships The sexiest and unsexiest jobs a guy can have, according to women Mobile dating app Clover analyzed data from 1.5 million of its users to expose which

What makes a lady recognizable is her personality, beauty and sexy appeal. Here is the list of top 18 sexiest women in the world in 2016. Check it out!

As someone with a strong nose — big nose, schnoz, whatever you wanna call it — I know it isn’t always an easy look to embrace. Not because it isn’t beautiful

Much ado has been made about Outlander’s sex appeal — the physical attractiveness of its stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, naturally, but more so regarding

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World records are there to motivate and inspire us. They challenge us to overcome our limitations and to achieve seemingly impossible feats. On the other h

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See the women who have won the annual honor from Esquire magazine.

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