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SMART TECHNOLOGY, BLOCKING SULFUR GAS. SmartMouth Activated Oral Rinse works longer than other mouthwashes because you activate it right before rinsing, combining the

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Learn the 5 foods that help promote a healthy mouth and healthier gums, as LISTERINE® showcases how to utilize these tips to ensure improved oral health for your mouth.

How to Make Chewing Gum. You can make all kinds of candy at home, so why not try your hand at chewing gum? People have been chewing gum for medicinal purposes and to

Dr. Jordan Johnson Johnson Dental Associates (800) 947-4746 Mouth Sores and Spots Mouth sores can be painful, annoying and

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Smart Flour (Tapioca Flour, Sorghum Flour, Teff Flour, Amaranth Flour), Potato Starch, Modified Tapioca Starch, Sorghum Flour, Water, Olive Oil, Sugar, Agave, Flax

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Dr. Jordan Johnson Johnson Dental Associates (800) 947-4746 Gum Recession: Causes and Treatments When your gums recede or

The official website for Orajel™, the most trusted oral care brand for adults and ren. Orajel™ has oral care solutions for everyone in your family.

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Practice Safe Breath with Dentyne Practice Safe Breath Everywhere. Want fresh breath confidence to go? The new Split2fit pack is designed for maximum portability.

Clinical DDS Activated Oral Rinse (Gum & Plaque) The Clinical DDS Activated Oral Rinse provides the SmartMouth standard of bad breath prevention by eliminating and

Periodontitis, also generally called gum disease or periodontal disease, begins with bacterial growth in your mouth and may end — if not properly treated — with

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