Pregnant Sleep Positions

You need sleep, but your burgeoning belly didn’t get the memo. Snooze comfortably with these bedtime solutions.

Now that you’re pregnant, what are the safest positions to sleep in for you and baby? Read ahead to find out

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The hormonal changes and physical discomforts associated with pregnancy can affect a pregnant woman’s quality of sleep. Each trimester of pregnancy brings its own

Side sleeper? Back sleeper? Stomach sleeper? How you sleep can be the key to how well you sleep.

How to Sleep with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome While Pregnant. The carpal tunnel is a passageway in your wrist that contains connective tissue, muscle tendons, and the

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Apr 29, 2013 · When you’re pregnant, sleeping sucks! So I put a video together a video showing a couple of things that annoy me. Let us know in the comments about how

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Why am I so uncomfortable in my normal sleeping positions? When you are pregnant your body goes through a variety of changes. These changes tend to disrupt your usual

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How to Sleep While Pregnant. Sleeping while pregnant can be difficult. Having a baby bump can make it hard to get into a cozy position. Also, nausea, heartburn, and

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Sleep Positions: Fetus position: A whopping 41% of participants sleep in this curled-up manner. Women are twice as likely to rest like this and it is listed as the

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Pregnant women often struggle to sleep at night. Here are three products one doctor recommends.

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