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In Australian Aboriginal mythology, The Dreaming or Altjeringa (also called the Dreamtime) is a sacred ‘once upon a time’ time out of time in which ancestral Totemic

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Aboriginal Painting is a virtual gallery selling quality paintings by Australian Aboriginal artists. Our site gives information about Aboriginal art, cultures and

When dealing with Aboriginal rights, rather than meet the Aboriginal hand head on, the white hand has come from behind and guided its direction

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PLEASE NOTEOwnership of Indigenous Knowledge work belong to Individuals and groups. Permission sought from the original source is a requirement, out of courtesy.

The Dreaming. The period of creation before time as we know it existed, is known to the Aboriginal people as The Dreaming. This is when the very essence of human

The Rainbow serpent is an important Dreaming figure in many Aboriginal stories and rock art images.

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The Sydney Basin is one of the richest provinces in Australia in terms of Aboriginal archaeological sites. There are thousands of Aboriginal sites, more than half of

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Promotes the betterment of aboriginal people with disabilities in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Features large resource centre.

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Aboriginal Australians at Encyclopedia.com. Make research projects and college reports about Aboriginal Australians easy

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For thousands of years prior to the arrival of Europeans, northern Sydney was occupied by different Aboriginal clans. Living primarily along the foreshores of the

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